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CLASSIFICATION Best way is to have the HTS Index. Search with term and see if it is listed. Refer to the referenced HTS number(s). Apply the GRIs. GRI 1 will be applicable most of instances…but follow the other GRIs as applicable.

Retired FNIS Maready instructed on classification in Southeast U.s. Retired FNIS Key also taught. We are not the best but in that class. We can make you better and cut through the clutter.


Clement Key CHB License, Gerald Maready CHB License – both retired FNIS

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Internal training is important! BIS recommended compliance point

  • Whether¬†adequate training is provided to employees.
    You will have to train your employees so that they know what is required of them to be in compliance. For them to stay abreast of developments, the training will have to be ongoing. In order to hold them accountable, you will have to maintain records showing that you provided appropriate training.

our tools and gotomeeting can answer your training needs and help you provide internal training to your employees.

Customs Regulations Index and Import Compliance Internal Training

Use of Customs Regulations is important in supporting import compliance. This publication contains an index on Customs Regulations with link to regulations and is hyperlinked. You can use as tool to train and be trained in regulation use. Taking the customs broker exam requires quick regulation reference location. This publication can provide the means for internal training and customs regulations use in compliance.

Search ISSUU for other import compliance publications to support your compliance and establish internal training and internal audit. Classification, Valuation, Admissibility and Security¬† are priorities. ISSUU search term to locate “clement key”