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CLASSIFICATION Best way is to have the HTS Index. Search with term and see if it is listed. Refer to the referenced HTS number(s). Apply the GRIs. GRI 1 will be applicable most of instances…but follow the other GRIs as applicable.

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Export classification of parts

PARTS AND ACCESSORIES [probably greatest issue in classification errors]
1. Classification of parts seems to cause problems in all classification systems.
– HS treats parts and accessories in several ways
2. There is no definition of the term in the HS because it was felt by a majority of the
Harmonized System Committee:
a) That one was not necessary
b) General Interpretative Rules lead you to the same result it was felt.
c) U. S. Proposed one but lost in HSC so we added one for U. S. Purposes.
3. The “rules” on parts and accessories in the Harmonized System are vague at best. If there is any rule to follow, it is that a part must be solely or principally used with the article.
(Additional U. S. Rule 1 )
4. Some criteria for deciding what a part is would be:
a. Generally, an article is a part if it cannot be used on its own; or
b. Must be combined with other articles to be used ; or
c. Must be an integral, constituent or component part, without which the article to which it is joined could not function; or
d. Lends to the safe and efficient operation of the article; and
e. Must be identifiable by shape or other characteristics as an article solely or principally used as a part.