Experienced Customs Warehouse Officer, Entry OfficerClement Key worked for US Customs for 28 years. During this time, he attended, lectured and later developed numerous U.S. Customs training programs. Mr. Key is an experience Customs Warehouse Officer, Entry Officer, Import Specialist, and Field National Import Specialist. In 1987, he Developed and formally suggested the Customs Audit Plan in use today. He also determined classification and wrote binding rulings on textiles, tools, machinery and electrical, where he gained broad tariff knowledge.

While with the U.S. Customs, Mr. Key became highly knowledgeable in classification and valuation, which are skills applicable to import and export compliance. During his career, he gained complete and overall knowledge in broad areas of Customs functions. In 1995, he retired from the Customs Service. He has authored several books on Import and Export compliance principles, is a Licensed Customs Broker and a graduate of Guilford College, B.S. in Business Management. He possess strong accounting and computer skills and has effectively put these to use in his work environment. Mr. Key's Import / Export Compliance work history spans 1968 to present.

Mission Statement

We have the single mission of helping you meet import compliance required by the Customs Border Protection Agency, export compliance for the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) and the Department Of Defence's ITAR requirements. We offer a web based platform for delivering these unique and user friendly training, reference, audit and compliance tools. We train, offer books, manual templates and provide software to help you learn and master the Import / Export process! We are in business to help you manage cost effective compliance.




Import compliance consultingWe provide the keys to unlock the complexity of establishing a proper compliance program for your business.

We offer the tools, effective training and the ability to show your company how to conduct internal audits.

We can help you establish your reasonable care, internal controls, and internal training programs in IMPORT and EXPORT activities.
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