import training and export training

We can be furnish expertise to your involved employees to make them better at compliance in import and export activities. Can do webinar support with tools we have for training in compliance and audit. Check out opportunity to contract us to support your compliance at best cost.


Import Export Compliance

United States of America v.
Trek Leather, Inc. and Harish Shadadpuri CFAC ruled that individuals can be charged in Civil cases for negligence in the introduction of entries of merchandise not exercising reasonable care. Whether fraud or civil you can be liable to substantial penalties. Exercising reasonable care consists of at least

Perform a Meaningful Import / Export risk analysis.
Have a formal written import / Export compliance program!
An officer must be responsible for overseeing the import / Export compliance program.
Adequate training must be provided for employees.
A company must adequately screen their customers and transactions.
Your company must meet the compliance program’s record keeping requirements.
The existence and operation of an internal audit system for reporting Import / Export violations must be in place.
Your company must keep on file the documented results of internal / External reviews or audits.
Proof of remedial activity that has been taken in response to import / Export violations.