Customs Regulations Index and Import Compliance Internal Training

Use of Customs Regulations is important in supporting import compliance. This publication contains an index on Customs Regulations with link to regulations and is hyperlinked. You can use as tool to train and be trained in regulation use. Taking the customs broker exam requires quick regulation reference location. This publication can provide the means for internal training and customs regulations use in compliance.

Search ISSUU for other import compliance publications to support your compliance and establish internal training and internal audit. Classification, Valuation, Admissibility and Security  are priorities. ISSUU search term to locate “clement key”


Import Training, Export Training

Both Import Compliance Manual and Export Compliance Manual require training to have an effective program. Set up your internal training with our reference materials on your intranet server. Save money on training and auditing compliance functions. Can make you top in class on compliance. We can be your source for training and compliance.

Export Controls, export training, import training, export compliance

BIS Revised almost all sections of the Export Regulations in September 2016.
Most companies are impacted.

STEPS to take:

Ensure personnel review changes against your activity.

INCLUDE any hardware, software and technology that you may export, end users/end use.

Include pending fulfillment orders.

Ensure compliance by:

Conducting ECCN review

Update product classifications

Check your systems, correlate ECCN and updated classifications against all system

Active export licenses – evaluate

Does a license exception apply  against updated regs?

It is possible that license(s) may need to be de-activated and use license exception or EAR99.


semi-annual reporting requirements 2/1/17 and 8/1/17 be prepared

 Exporters have affirmative responsibility to be in compliance.

Training outside and internal – seek

Export import compliance can setup internal training site for you and save you money on training and internal audit compliance activities.