Import Internal Audit

One factor in a sound import compliance manual is conducting an internal import audit and /or external import audit records. You really need to monitor the soundness of your compliance by conducting import internal audits of your activities and taking necessary corrective actions. Import audit training is important. Import training is important.

Important for import compliance and import audit training. Import internal audit is important factor in import compliance manual.


Check out this book and add to your compliance references.

Anti-dumping and Countervailing Investigations

New Part 165 to Customs Regulations in September 2016 emphasizes enforcement on evasion. Also ties into political rhetoric on Free Trade Protection. Signifies some effort in this direction political or otherwise. Suggest that you assess countries (rank by activity) and see what dumping exists by the country and do risk assessment. There is no de minimis amount; if you have a commodity that is associated with an action you must deal with it. Our programs (import manual, export manual, itar manual) and support materials equip you to have effective compliance in these activities training and internal audit.